Firm announces wireless network tool

Firm announces wireless network tool

Spectrum Technologies offers a new integrated wireless agronomic solution to capture weather, crop information

Exactly, what is going on out in your field? What are the microclimates that are impacting crop performance and crop health? Answering that can help you better manage your crop for higher yields. That's what Spectrum Technologies wants to do with its new SpecConnect product. The system is an advanced Web portal cloud solution for crop environmental monitoring using wireless networks.

SpecConnect software will allow you to pull together information from a network of field monitors to make crop decisions.

SpecConnect can be preconfigured or 100% customized to a user's preference using the Web portal or Android or iPhone applications. The user interface is clean and simple to use and integrates with Spectrum's WatchDog weather stations and the in-field Watchdog Retriever and Pups wireless sensor network to provide real-time information to monitor and optimize weather and temperature, plant health and soil moisture data.

Information from the network is communicated through cellular modem or wi-fi to the cloud where SpecConnect's cloud-based portal allows a look at the information. SpecConnect's software is site specific, meaning it works with any type of ag crop. And for 2015 the company plans to expand the service to the landscape and turf markets as well.

The software works by producing advanced maps using rolling topography from the wireless WatchDog Retriever and Pups, which have the ability to monitor and log information on crop and soil microclimates. Multiple sensors offer information on temperature, soil moisture for irrigation scheduling, and insect and disease information. SpecConnect also makes decisions actionable for the customer. That means you can remotely configure weather stations, sensors, set alerts and change logging intervals. That allows for advanced reporting to better understand evapotranspiration, degree days and daily light integral to make more effective decisions to improve yield.

You can learn more about the network tools and SpecConnect software at

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