First-ever Sow Lameness Symposium Held

Sessions conducted by Feet First team.

The swine industry's first-ever symposium on sow lameness provided attendees an informative, educational look at an often underestimated problem in commercial swine operations.
Approximately 150 swine experts from around the world attended the invitation-only event held last week in Minneapolis, Minn., and at the University of Minnesota. Sessions were conducted by members of the Feet First team, an international collaboration of researchers, veterinarians and nutritionists whose mission is to advance the identification and prevention of lameness in the swine industry.

"Lameness in commercial sow operations is a much bigger issue than most operators realize, and it costs the industry an untold amount of income through lost performance and production each year," said Dr. Terry Ward, director of research and nutritional services, Zinpro Corp., which organized the event. "By taking proactive steps to identify and address lameness-causing factors, we can reduce the prevalence of lameness for the good of the animal and the business enterprise."

Source: Feedstuffs

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