First-Hand Look at Climate Change

First-Hand Look at Climate Change

Farmers explore impact of deforestation in Brazil.

Corn, soybean and wheat producers had a chance for a personal look at climate change and the impact of deforestation in Brazil last week. Those participating in the week-long trip saw the on-ground challenges and opportunities related to climate change issues in the Amazon Mato Grosso region, learned about alliances and initiatives to protect land ownership rights, reducing emissions and deforestation, and studied the impact of climate change on indigenous tribes and producer operations.


National Corn Growers Association Past President Fred Yoder says the trip was a great opportunity to learn the true facts about what is really happening to the Amazon forest and that he heard first-hand from Brazilian producers and policymakers that deforestation and land use change in Brazil is driven by politics and economics; not the use of corn for ethanol in the U.S.


A rancher originally from Texas who lives and owns ground in Brazil hosted the group. He's formed a non-profit group that provides economic incentives for farmers and ranchers to preserve the forest land.

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