Fold It Up For Easy Transport

Fold It Up For Easy Transport

Schmeiser's new folding tri-plane offers wider working widths and transportable function.

The new SLP Series Folding Tri-Plane offers producers working widths of 20, 22 and 24-foot widths and a transport width of only 11 feet.


The bucket wings and rear steel wheels fold and unfold for transport and field use, and offer up to 50% more land coverage than with fixed width planes. In addition, the folding feature allows transport up and down ditch banks and terraces.


The folding units also feature front and rear vertical in-field pivot pins with heavy-duty bushings and thrust inserts, flange bearings on all wheels for easy maintenance, and hydraulic rubber tire flotation transport.


For more information on the Folding Tri-Plane from T.G. Schmeiser Co., call (559) 244-4922.

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