Fold That Subsoiler!

Fold That Subsoiler!

Great Plains engineers put hinges in the SS1800 and SS2000 in line subsoilers for 2011.

Great Plains Mfg. has introduced a pair of high-horsepower folding subsoilers designed for big acreage.

The SS1800, a 20-foot model designed for use with tractors from 200 to 480+ hp. folds to 13 feet 1 inch, while the 25-foot Model SS2000, built for tractors over 500 hp., folds to 15 feet 5 inches.

The subsoilers are meant for eliminating compaction and offer growers shank options of spring-steel no-till shanks, or straight-leg shanks, either of which can be mounted on an automatic reset mount or on economical shear bolt mounts.

Both models come standard with a category 3, 4N or 4, three-point hitch, but can be used with an optional pull-type implement hitch.

The new SS1800 and SS2000 folding in-line subsoilers from Great Plains are designed for high-horsepower tractors but easily fold for narrow transport.

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