Fold-up Wing Float Pulverizer

Fold-up Wing Float Pulverizer

Brillion Farm Equipment has unveiled the Wing Float Pulverizer which follows the ground and folds to under 12 feet.

The new Wing Float Pulverizer from Brillion is designed to be a ground hugger in the field to follow the contour in making a fine seedbed and then fold up to less than 12 feet for transport.

Brillion says its patent-pending design makes the Pulverizer the only implement of its kind on the market, able to complete pre- and post-plant chores.

The WFP comes in working widths from 22- to 36-feet and rides on 20-inch notched ductile iron wheels turning on 1.5-inch bearings. A single circuit hydraulic system for lift and fold works with an integral transport lock that keeps the machine 11.5 inches off the pavement. A single turnbuckle handles leveling.

Brillion's new Wing Float Pulverizer folds up for easy transport and provides flexibility to follow the roughest field conditions in seed bed preparation.

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