For Some Farmers Rain Is A Pain

For Some Farmers Rain Is A Pain

As already wet areas get more rain and as already hot regions keep getting more heat, some are wondering if USDA's recent crop forecasts may need to be adjusted downward.

In many areas of the Western and Northwestern Corn Belt, especially in Iowa, the growing season has been wet and getting wetter, which USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says is starting to catch up to the crop in some places.

Rippey says 11 weeks of wet is beginning to take corn and soybean condition down a bit, but only in a few areas of the Western and Northwestern Corn Belt. Meanwhile in the southern part of the Corn Belt the heat in the first half of August has been taking a toll on dry-land crops.

Everyone is wondering now if last week's USDA record crop forecasts will have to come down. Crop progress reports show a very small decline in the overall condition of crops during the last two weeks. Rippey says that while there is some pressure, but overall the corn and soybeans remain in pretty good shape.

Some areas are getting a break from the heat, but more rain coming for Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas.

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