Gardiner Angus Ranch Launches Educational Internet Video Series

Program aims at connecting cattle industry to the consumer for better sales.

Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kansas, recently launched a series of educational videos available on their website at The series titled Customer Connections, "Our Customers Speak," was developed in response to years of listening to customers and answering questions regarding the use of data management and science and technology in making genetic evaluation decisions. Topics range from "best practice" breeding, managing input cost and using data to improve carcass quality.

The video series is ongoing and new videos will be launched on periodically. Beef industry leaders will also be featured in future videos discussing timely industry issues or responding to relevant concerns from Gardiner customers.

Mark Gardiner is featured in the initial video series. Gardiner explains that new technology makes it easier t meet customer needs: "As the science of genetic evaluation becomes more advanced, the tools, in reality, become easier to use. As professional seedstock producers, it is our responsibility to do everything possible to educate our customers in the use of available technology to make the best genetic selections for their environment. If we do our job well, our customers will have more, higher value end-point options."

Gardiner Angus Ranch is a family owned Angus ranching operation located near Ashland, Kansas.

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