G'day, Mate! Join Farm Futures in Australia

G'day, Mate! Join Farm Futures in Australia

Combine farm education with legendary sight-seeing adventures.

Farm Futures is set to host a farm tour to Australia Feb. 9-20 where you can broaden your perspective on global agriculture while enjoying some of the great sight-seeing wonders of the world.

Australia is the world’s leading producer of cattle and excels in the dairy, sugar, wool and forestry industries. With its vast spaces, technical expertise and diverse climates, the country produces a wide range of highly sought after agricultural, fisheries and forestry products.

Popular sights like the Syndey opera house are just a small part of what Ag Tours USA will show visitors to the region

In 10 days you will get to see an impressive slice of this massive, farm-friendly country. Our journey begins in Sydney with a tour of Sydney Harbor and optional shopping or visits at the famous Opera House. The next day our tour begins in earnest as we visit grain and cotton farmers working in zero-till and controlled traffic. We'll overnight in Tamworth, Australia's Country Music capital. Next we visit the weekly fat cattle sales to get a feel for livestock values on this side of the Pacific. We'll have lunch and meet with farm managers at a famous beef and sheep 'station' (large landholding for livestock).

We'll talk with a leading Angus breeder involved in "Breedplan," a genetic evaluation system developed here in Australia. We'll sample local wines and visit farmers in Darling Downs, a world famous cropping area that has now become the center of the country's feedlot industry. We'll take a closer look at some of the management techniques used at the feedlots and talk with experts about the country's export business.

Later we'll see one of the top dairy operations where Holstein/Friesians graze on irrigated pastures. But it's not all just business. We'll get up close and personal with Koalas as we visit the Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane. In tropical Cairns we'll visit potato, grain, peanuts and sugar cane operations before heading out for a luxury catamaran cruise on the famous Great Barrier Reef. Under-water coral viewing, snorkeling – even scuba diving for those qualified – is included.

Check out the full trip agenda

If you're up for more adventure, sign on for the New Zealand optional tour Feb. 19-Mar. 1. New Zealand, the "Paradise of the Pacific," is a ruggedly beautiful land filled with surprises.

Walking the farm fields of another country, you'll get new ideas for your own business. Excursions are organized by Trump Tours, an award-winning Ag tour business based out of Arkansas. Itineraries mix a blend of farm visits and agribusinesses with breath-taking scenic stopovers. You'll network with other American farmers as you learn how things are done in other parts of the world.

Once you've traveled overseas your view of the world will be changed forever. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity.

For more information on each tour go to www.agtoursusa.com and click on International Farm Tours to explore itineraries - and start planning for the trip of a lifetime.

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