GMO Answers leads biotech discussion at SXSW

GMO Answers leads biotech discussion at SXSW

Slate of events includes a GMO Answers/Reddit Ask Me Anything session, How GMOs are made exhibition booth

GMO Answers this week is exhibiting at the SXSW Festival, bringing genetically modified crops to the Austin, Texas, event for attendees to experience as part of a "low tech conversation about high tech crops."

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Farmers, scientists and nutritionists will answer consumers' questions about GMOs at the festival, and consumers are able to touch and feel crops made with GM seeds.

Events also included a panel discussion on Saturday between GMO Answers and Ben & Jerry's.

Slate of events includes a GMO Answers/Reddit Ask Me Anything session (pictured), How GMOs are made exhibition booth. (GMO Answers photo, Facebook)

"At SXSW we're taking this to the next level, engaging in a dialogue with Ben & Jerry's to explore where we have common ground on transparency, surrounding agriculture, the environment, and the food we serve our families," said Cathleen Enright, Ph.D., spokesperson of GMO Answers and executive director of the Council for Biotechnology Information.

"We also know that many consumers have never visited a farm to see first-hand how our food is grown. We're excited to offer people the opportunity to experience GMO crops in person, and to talk to farmers, scientists and nutritionists who develop, grow or study our food and how it is grown," Enright said.

The GMO Answers exhibit will be open for visitors through March18. GMO Answers will have a total of 18 independent and seed company experts on hand to walk consumers through the displays and answer any questions they may have.

Experts are part of a larger community of more than 200 scholars, farmers and scientists who have answered nearly 800 questions on

The GMO Answers booth will also host planned demonstrations on how to make a GMO/DNA extraction, leaf punches and plant breeding methods. GMO Answers will also provide more information on pesticides, herbicide-resistant crops and government regulations.

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On Monday, GMO Answers partnered with Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" session with Enright, Brian Scott, a corn, soybean, popcorn and wheat farmer, and Connie Diekman, M.Ed., RD, LD, FADA.

GMO Answers also is an official host of the SXSW Block Party on March 17, with a "Get to Know GMOs" marketplace, where visitors can enjoy refreshments, potato chips fried in a healthier high oleic GMO soybean oil and can learn more about today's GM crops and the future potential of biotechnology.

Source: GMO Answers

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