Got Dairy Cows? Check Out This Survey

National Johne's Disease Program seeks input to boost producer incentives.

The Johne's Disease Integrated Program is seeking additional producer input on how to boost incentives for the voluntary control program. It's as easy as clicking on the following Web site, and doing the quick survey online.

"The survey has two purposes: to identify barriers that have prevented individuals from participating in the Voluntary Bovine Johne's Disease Control Program and to identify incentives for participation in the Program," says Dr. Ken Olson, JDIP Outreach Coordinator. "It takes only 10 minutes, and will provide invaluable information for improving the National Johne's Program.

Just go to: Your information is kept confidential, and you remain anonymous.

The survey is being conducted by Penn State University, the lead land grant college, in a nationwide coalition that aims to eliminate the costly bovine disease.

For more information about Johne's disease, visit . Click on the "Issues" tab, then the "Johne's disease" tab.

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