Grants Available for Rural America Food Initiatives

Grants Available for Rural America Food Initiatives

USDA working to alleviate 'food deserts.'

USDA's Food and Nutrition Service Under Secretary Kevin Concannon says food deserts are a serious issue for people in rural areas and even in some cites looking for a variety of food choices.

"Food deserts are rural as well as urban places in the country where people have to go long distances to access a full service supermarket," Concannon said. "Many small communities over time as population demographics change, they might be left with simply a kind of a one-stop mini-mart without ready access to a close-by supermarket."

Concannon says those mini-marts don't have the range of choices of healthy foods and it's much more expensive to purchase foods there as well. So USDA is working to help rural Americans with a new food initiative.

"Through grant programs and loan programs, we can stimulate the development of supermarkets or full service stores in targeted areas across the country," Concannon said.

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