Granular Glyphosate Coming To The U.S. Market

Granular Glyphosate Coming To The U.S. Market

Glysortia is adding granular formulations to the generic glyphosate it sells to American farmers.

Glysortia, LLC, an established supplier of generic glyphosate to the U.S. market is adding a pair of dry granular formulations based on an ammonium salt to its product line.

Company officials say U.S. growers are quite familiar with the liquid isopropylamine salt compound of the broad-spectrum herbicide, but note worldwide growers often prefer the granular ammonium salt , particularly in Australia, Argentina and other parts of South America.

Granular Glyphosate Coming To The U.S. Market

Rick Beardmore, CEO of Glysortia, says the granular form is the only DG available to the U.S. market and features the advantage of product concentration. "One truckload of the DG treats 40,000 acres, compared with just 16,000 for a truckload of liquid totes," he explains.

Glysortia will offer two formulations.

•An 88% formulation with 80% acid.
•A 77.7% formulation with 70% acid.

Other advantages include, ease of handling as a solid; no concerns about the product  freezing before it is mixed; high concentration of active ingredient in a compact package; easy mixing and no separation  out of solution which reduces nozzle and screen clogging.

The products will be available in plastic bags sized to treat 40 acres at a one pound per acre rate.

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