Grassley Against Russian Admittance to WTO

Russia blocking some U.S. imports.

Russia has now de-listed 19 pork processing plants in the United States. As a result these plants can not export pork products into Russia.

Russia has been working toward member status of the World Trade Organization for several years and there has been some discussion that Russia should be brought into the WTP so the U.S. can have better leverage against Russia's de-listing actions. However Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, disagrees.

"I have taken a position they shouldn't be in the WTO because they aren't showing enough responsible decision making on certain imports and exports anyway," Grassley says.

According to Grassley, Russia needs to show that it is a market economy.

"Now I know that Russia is more of a market economy now than they've ever been," Grassley says. "But actions like this show disrespect for the rule of law in international trade so I want to make sure we've got the right attitude of Russia before they even get in."

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