Grassley Wants to 'Show and Tell' EPA Regulation Writers

Iowa Senator invites EPA staffers to a working family farm.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, says the Environmental Protection Agency employee who heads the department that is writing the new regulations on indirect land use changes, attributed to biofuels, fugitive dust, greenhouse gases and livestock producers, has never set foot on an American farm.


"I don't think anybody can fully appreciate the impact of their rules and regulations by sitting inside the Beltway," Grassley said. "I made a verbal invitation to employees at the EPA to visit my farm to see first hand how things are done on a working family farm."


The Senator's staff and the EPA are now working to find time for a visit to a working family farm in Iowa. Grassley says would be extremely beneficial for EPA staffers to experience the impact of what they are doing as they write these guidelines.


"I think it is important, for instance, in fugitive dust if they could see that when God makes the wind blow 30 miles per hour that you can't actually keep the dust inside your property line," Grassley said. "Or when you drive down a gravel road that the dust isn't going stay inside the fence lines, and just see the reality and in a sense the stupidity of the rules they are about to make."

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