Graves Proposes Bill for Accelerating Energy Projects

Graves Proposes Bill for Accelerating Energy Projects

The legislation calls for less bureaucracy.

Congressman Sam Graves, R-Mo., has reintroduced legislation to streamline the approval process for energy related projects, including ethanol plants and wind farms, that would increase the nation's domestic energy supply, create jobs and help alleviate the high energy prices people are facing. The legislation would require federal agencies to expedite their review of permits and take other actions necessary to speed up the completion of energy related projects. The bill also establishes an inter-agency task force to monitor and assist federal, state and local agencies in their efforts.


Graves said the country hasn't built a new refinery in over 20 years because bureaucratic red tape has delayed production of the energy needed. He says this bill will simplify the process while not changing current environmental laws. Graves says the bill is a step in the right direction but is only part of the solution to reducing prices at the pump and weaning consumers off of foreign oil. He says it's important to pass common sense legislation that makes the nation more energy independent and creates jobs.


The legislation, H.R. 3005, has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

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