Green Jobs Waiver Comment Period Closes

Green Jobs Waiver Comment Period Closes

EPA has four months to rule on 15% ethanol blend.

The Green Jobs Waiver public comment period ended this week but not without comment from Growth Energy. Growth Energy is in favor of increasing the amount of ethanol that can be blended with gasoline to 15%. Growth Energy's 37-page analysis outlines the overwhelming scientific evidence that increasing the blend to 15% has no adverse impact on a car's performance, maintenance or emissions.


Included in this analysis is an ongoing Rochester Institute of Technology study conducted on more than 400 conventional vehicles that used 100,000 gallons of mid-level ethanol blends and were driven 1.5 million miles. It found there were no significant issues and reduced tailpipe emissions.


Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says tens of thousands of Americans spoke loud and clear in favor of increasing the amount of ethanol in our fuel supply to 15%. Buis commended them for standing up for a domestic fuel that helps create jobs and makes our nation more energy independent. The Environmental Protection Agency has until Dec. 1, 2009 to rule on the waiver.



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