Groups Request Hearings on E-15 Safety

Groups Request Hearings on E-15 Safety

Despite additional testing that has delayed a decision nearly a year, more testing is being requested.

Thirty-nine environmental, food, motor vehicle, energy, power equipment and recreational industry groups have joined forces, launching a joint campaign calling on Congress to require thorough and objective scientific testing before allowing an increase in the amount of ethanol in gasoline. EPA has indicated it will make a decision by the end of September on whether to approve E15 in gasoline. The groups want hearings before then.

The group wants the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to question top EPA and Department of Energy officials regarding the safety of a proposal to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline from the current 10% to 15%.

Ethanol burns hotter than gasoline and corrodes soft metals, plastics and rubber. The groups believe more testing is needed to determine how much ethanol is too much for different types of existing engines to use safely without risking engine damage and failure that could leave vehicles stranded and endanger motorists and users of gasoline-powered equipment.

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