Growth Energy Backs Harkin Amendment

Growth Energy Backs Harkin Amendment

Indirect land use change theories would not be funded in implementation of renewable fuels.

Growth Energy has urged Congressional support of an amendment authored by Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, designed to address a rule, proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, which Growth Energy says, would devastate the nation's ability to make domestic biofuels and guarantee a long-term monopoly on the automotive fuel market by the oil industry.


Specifically, the Harkin amendment to the Interior-Environment Appropriations bill would prohibit the use of funds by EPA to include international Indirect Land Use Change theories in the implementation of the renewable fuel program. The bill seeks a full debate in the Congress on ILUC theory.


Growth Energy says the EPA seeks to measure the impact of ILUC theoretically linked to biofuels production, despite the lack of scientific consensus on how ILUC could be accurately measured, and significant criticism of the theory in the scientific community. Chief Executive Officer of Growth Energy, Tom Buis, says Senator Harkin's amendment deserves to be passed by Congress.

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