Growth Energy CEO Speaks Out on Renewable Fuels

Growth Energy CEO Speaks Out on Renewable Fuels

Buis says increasing blend wall would create hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis told those attending the 2010 Legislative Agricultural Chairs Conference in Orlando, Florida, that domestic, renewable ethanol can be a major contributor to job creation as well as cutting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependence on foreign oil. Buis told the group that the country is poised to create as many as 136,000 jobs in the United States with one regulatory move – EPA agreeing to raise the blend wall to 15%, as Growth Energy has petitioned them to do.


 Buis warned that if states begin to erect regulatory obstacles that block the intent of Congress, such as the flawed Low Carbon Fuel Standard adopted by the California Air Resources Board, the U.S. will not be able to meet the objective of taking domestic, renewable energy sources seriously.


In a panel focused on renewable energy opportunities, Buis outlined Growth Energy's major priorities for 2010.  They include: maintaining the so-called blender's tax credit; retain a tariff on imported ethanol made from Brazilian-subsidized sugarcane; and oppose any use of international indirect land use change.  

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