Growth Energy Wants California's Public Comment Period Reopened

Growth Energy Wants California's Public Comment Period Reopened

Undisclosed documents cast doubts on CARB conclusions.

Growth Energy has called on the California Air Resources Board to allow the public to comment on all documents pertaining to their low-carbon fuel standard rulemaking that were not disclosed and should influence the final rule. Through a public records request, Growth Energy uncovered numerous previously undisclosed documents and comments from CARB consultants that cast doubt on CARB conclusions and others that appeared to influence CARB's assumptions. Documents in question come from organization such as the Renewable Fuels Association and the New Fuels Alliance.


Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the public records request confirmed what was suspected: that significant portions of the CARB staff's environmental and economic analyses appeared to be based on assumptions, rather than technical analyses available to the public. Even more disturbing, according to Buis, is the omitted comments from CARB's consultants that contradict the conclusions reached by CARB staff regarding the carbon intensity of ethanol.


"We are only one-third of the way through our public records request and have discovered scores of comments and documents not disclosed to the public that prejudiced the final Low-Carbon Fuel Standard rule," Buis said.

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