Growth Energy Will Make New Case for Ethanol

Growth Energy Will Make New Case for Ethanol

Leaders to tell Congress that now is time to encourage blender pumps, flex fuel vehicles; industry will support switch in tax incentives to move to those goals.

Ethanol supporters plan to make a case this week for changes in the law that they believe will strengthen the industry's future.

In a press conference in Colwich last Thursday, David Vander Griend, president and  CEO of ICM and Bob Casper, president of Poet Ethanol Products, both board members of Growth Energy, outlined the pitch that will be made to Congress.

In Kansas, ethanol has been proven to create local jobs, reduce greenhouse emissions, return benefits to the consumer and strengthen national security, they said.

But changes need to come to build delivery infrastructure and allow market forces to work, they said.

One law they are seeking is a mandate that all automobiles sold in the U.S. be  flex fuel vehicles. They also want  federal support for blender pumps so that consumers can choose the blend of fuel they want to use.

Casper said the time has come for the changes in the tax incentives that have supported ethanol as well.

"Right now, ethanol is running about 50 cents a gallon cheaper than gasoline on the open market," he said. "That makes it competitive without an incentive. I think it is now time to look at providing the incentive to help retailers install blender pumps and to help auto makers build flex fuel vehicles."

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