Guiding Principles for Biodiesel Sustainability Unveiled

NBB presents list at national conference.

The National Biodiesel Board unveiled a formalized list of principles to guide the industry on issues of sustainability at its annual conference that is being held in San Francisco this week. NBB's Sustainability Task Force had developed and passed the principles that demonstrate the industry's commitment to climate change mitigation, human rights, food security, and respect for natural resources.

"We are already providing a very sustainable fuel, and these principles are another way we're ensuring that as our industry grows it continues to increase quality of life, safeguard the environment, and strengthen economies," said Emily Landsburg, Chair of the Sustainability Task Force. "Biodiesel improves air quality, it's renewable and it's creating green-collar jobs in our communities. The NBB is committed to keeping biodiesel on the cutting-edge of sustainability."

To view the Guiding Principles, visit

Several speakers have addressed the conference this week, including Dr. Rob Myers, Director of Crop Diversity at the Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute. He announced the declaration of "Scientists for Biodiesel." The declaration is intended to show the broad consensus among scientists about the benefits of biodiesel.

"Our goal is to increase awareness and information sharing about the depth and breadth of the scientific research behind biodiesel that contributes to its sustainability," Myers said.

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