GX1117 Offers Large Capacity and Flexibility

GX1117 Offers Large Capacity and Flexibility

Frontier's new grinder/mixer is designed for efficiency and low maintenance

The new GX1117 grinder/mixer from Frontier will handle 135-bushels of ingredients handily and does so without belts, pulleys or chains.


The self-contained hydraulic system eliminates many of the mechanical wear points to help lower maintenance and ownership costs.


The GX1117 features a large 14-inch mixing auger and can be equipped with two optional weigh scales for precise batch making. The GX1117 also has a large unloading auger that swings up to 300 degrees and is controlled from the tractor seat for easy feed dispersal.


Frontier unveiled its new GX1117 Grinder Mixer for livestock operators recently, featuring a 135-bushel capacity.

The GX1117 also comes with a 21-inch wide power takeoff driven hammer mill and an eight-section banded V-belt for a positive drive. A quick-release pin allows the operator to disengage the mill when its not in use. Also, there are 18-inch heavy duty magnets installed to help trap metal before it enters the mill.


Another option available is a swinging 12-inch intake auger that is seven feet long and can be operated from zero to 175 rpm and will easily handle corn, shelled corn and other grains.


For more information on the new Frontier GX1117, visit: www.johndeere.com.

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