H1N1 Vaccine to be Available This Week

H1N1 Vaccine to be Available This Week

First doses will all be nasal spray form.

An estimated six to seven million doses of H1N1 vaccine should be out this week and they should include both shots and the nasal spray form of the vaccine. But, officials with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the first 600,000 doses will all be nasal spray.


The nasal spray isn't recommended for some of the people who are most in danger of complications from the H1N1 virus, including pregnant women and people with asthma. Meanwhile, the biggest U.S. suppliers of seasonal-flu vaccines said they are delaying or reducing the number of doses shipped – partly because of the crunch to produce millions of doses of the H1N1 vaccine.


The delay in shipment of seasonal-flu vaccines isn't cause for big concern. CDC spokesman Tom Skinner says about 70 million of the nation's expected 114 million doses already have been delivered and vaccinations started unusually early. October is the traditional time when seasonal-flu vaccine clinics open.

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