Hagie launches new DTS10 sprayer

Hagie launches new DTS10 sprayer

New sprayer has a unique two-tank design that provides a balanced ride, and a range of other features

Farmers are taking command of their spraying needs, and that's opening up the self-propelled sprayer market. For many, the right size of equipment is something around the 900- to 1000-gallon class, though there are smaller machines. Hagie Mfg., known for its front-boom technology, is bringing a new machine to market – the DTS10.

Hagie carves a new business model with high-tech, but compact, sprayer.

At first glance, you’ll notice the tanks are not mounted on the top, but mounted on each side with a design that slides through the crop as the machine does its job. The 2016 DTS10 is the smallest sprayer in the Hagie lineup, but offers a high-clearance frame with a 1000-gallon solution tank. The machine’s ‘side-tank’ design also provides almost neutral front-to-rear balance as well, comparted to those with rear-mounted tanks.

Another challenge facing the industry is the rising weight of these sprayers, you’re already adding about 10,000-pounds of weight with the product that fills the tank, and Hagie saw that as a problem. The company has worked to create “an ultimate sprayer for the evolving needs of the next decade,” according to the press announcement for the machine. The guidelines for development included weight, balance, capacity, application speed, boom width, grade ability, maneuverability, precision compatibility, safety, price and comfort.

The machine, which was on a scale at the fall farm shows and weighs in at 18,500 pounds, offers a high-clearance design and narrow crop package. The machine also features a new 90-foot boom, drive and auxiliary hydraulic system.

At the farm progress show, the company had an interesting infographic comparing the new DTS10 to other machines from competitors. The DTS10 has a tighter turning radius, weighs less, offers more attachments, and is taller than most competitive units on the market. And that side-tank design works even in narrow rows as well. While there are two 500-gallon tanks on the machine, they’re designed to act as a single tank during operation. This makes tendering the machine simple while still maintaining machine balance. Learn more at hagie.com.

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