Haul With/Without Passengers With New Kubota

Transformable RTV1140CPX offers one-two row seating: your choice.

Kubota's new RTV1140CPX work utility vehicle allows operators to choose between four-passenger seating and expanded cargo space with engineering that allows quick transformation from one-to-two-row seating options -- completely under the protection of the ROPS system.

Driver choice between one- and two-row seating makes the Kubota RTV1140CPX a worker's convertible, complete with functioning seatbelts, ROPs and a cargo box lift that works in either mode.

Retractable seatbelts and a hydraulic lift bed (which works with both seating modes) are standard on the new machine. When extra cargo space is needed the operator only has to:
* Unlatch the cargo screen, slide forward and secure it.
* Flip up the rear seat and open front-quarter cargo box sides.
* Unlatch front wall of cargo box, flip into place and secure it.

The RTV1140CPX 4-wheel drive utility vehicle is powered with a three-cylinder Kubota diesel which develops 24.8 horsepower and a new variable speed transmission which allows smooth gearing and dynamic braking. The RTV1140CPX is rated at 1,102 lbs. cargo weight and has a towing capacity of 1,300 lbs. It comes in Kubota Orange and Realtree Hardwoods Camouflage models.

For more information on the new Kubota, visit www.kubota.com.

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