Haybuster Adds New Vertical Mixer

Haybuster Adds New Vertical Mixer

CMF-1000 holds 38% more than current model.

Haybuster and DuraTech Industries have announced an enlarged model vertical mixer, the CMF-1000, as a larger sibling to the company's CMF-700.

The CMF-1000 has a capacity of 1,150 cubic feet and can hold up to 28,800 lbs. of feed for even larger batches of total mixed rations for dairy and feedlot operators. The bigger model features two augers and is equipped with 18 serrated adjustable 1/4-inch knives. The 24X40-inch door opening allows quick and even feed unloading.

The 36-inch unloading conveyor can be equipped with an optional three-foot hydraulic unloading extension, and can be set up to unload from the right, left or both sides with the optional extension.

The CMF-1000 is available in trailer and truck mounted units.

For more information, visit HayBuster.com.

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