Health Bill Vote Possible Before Christmas

Health Bill Vote Possible Before Christmas

Pelosi is pushing for a vote on reform bill.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is prepared to keep the House in session through part of Christmas Week, if action on a health care overhaul bill is imminent. To get a vote in this time frame a lot must happen. The Senate is waiting for a Congressional Budget Office analysis of their latest batch of proposals, which is not expected before next week.


If the Senate passes its bill by the end of next week, Pelosi says, House and Senate conferees could meet over the weekend of December 19-20 to try to resolve differences between the two versions. If that happens, Pelosi believes it might allow final votes in the House and Senate before Christmas.


If final votes slip over into the New Year, Pelosi predicts, Democrats will move quickly in 2010 to finish work on the bill.



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