Health Care Reform Moving

Health Care Reform Moving

House willing to wait on Senate Finance Committee.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., says there is no urgency to bring health care reform legislation to the House floor for debate until it is know what the Senate Finance Committee is going to do. Pelosi says the House can take the time to see what they're doing and have the benefit of their thinking on the legislation. In the meantime, House Democratic leaders say they will meld three separate versions of their health care overhaul into a single bill by next week.


Senate Finance Committee Democrats rebuffed Republican efforts Wednesday to delay a vote on a health care overhaul and to gut major provisions of the legislation. The Republicans want the bill reduced to legislative language and they want the Congressional Budget Office to issue a final estimate of its cost. The Finance Committee traditionally works from detailed, plain-English descriptions of its bills.


The committee has adopted an alternative amendment that would delay a vote on the bill until members have a complete plain-English description of the measure and a preliminary CBO estimate of its cost.

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