High-oleic Soybeans on Target for 2009

Industry-funded research gets closer to new trait.

Bunge DuPont Biotech Alliance says that its high-oleic soybean trait is on target to begin limited production in 2009, provided the regulators approve.

High-oleic oils can be processed without hydrogenation, allowing them to be free of trans fatty acids, which have been linked to health problems.

The research has been funded by the soybean industry's Qualisoy initiative. High-oleic soybeans, based on the 2008 harvest, contain at least 80 percent oleic acid, which raises the stability of the oil when used in frying and food processing.

The high-oleic oil benefits farmers as well as the food industry because they can get a premium for growing the soybeans. High-oleic seed are marketed under the Pioner brand.

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