Hobart Expands Metalworking Glove Lineup

Hobart Expands Metalworking Glove Lineup

Four new glove options offer comfort and protection.

Hobart Welding Products has added four new glove options to is line of personal safety products, form-fitted welding gloves, premium welding/multi-use gloves, premium work/multi-use gloves and a Value Pack containing a pair of mechanic's gloves and welding gloves.

The form-fitted welding gloves are a patent-pending design that fits the contours of the hand and provides flame-retardant cotton fleece and canvas duck to protect the wrist and lower forearm. These gloves are sewn together with Kevlar thread.

The weld/multi-use gloves combine cowhide and pigskin for comfort and durability, while the work/multi-use gloves are made of American deerskin.

Hobart's welding apparel lineup now includes four new glove options.

The new gloves and value pack are available in farm supply and welding stores around the country. For more information, visit: www.HobartWelders.com.

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