HOBOnode Does It Wirelessly

Wireless sensor works for outdoor environmental monitoring at research quality.

Onset Computer Corporation has introduced a family of research-grade, wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring.

Ideal for a broad range of applications, the HOBOnode Series is at home in agricultural research, crop management and ecological studies and projects. HOBOnode sensors can transmit high-accuracy air temperature and soil moisture data to a computer several miles away without cables. Available software displays real-time graphs of environmental conditions, and can provide alarm notifications via text messaging or e-mail when conditions exceed predetermined thresholds.

Up to 50 HOBOnode sensors can be used in a network with each capable of a 1,400-foot line of sight transmission distance. Additional range can be obtained with available repeaters.
For more information on the HOBOnode sensor, visit www.onsetcomp.com.

WIRELESS SENSOR: Onset Computer Corp.'s new HOBOnode agricultural/environmental sensor can operate 1400 feet from a monitoring computer, and further with repeaters.

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