'Hot Topics' Up for Discussion at Flint Hills Summer Summit

'Hot Topics' Up for Discussion at Flint Hills Summer Summit

Stakeholders will gather on Wednesday to talk about key ideas for maintaining, promoting Flint Hills.

For more than year, focus groups have been meeting to talk about to promote the scenic Flint Hills region of Kansas and reap the benefits that might come from travel and tourism in the area.

On Wednesday, the Summer Summit of Issues of the Flint Hills, will meet to talk about "issue areas" and formulate plans for how to tackle major ideas, goals and strategies to promote the region.

Up for discussion during the summer meeting will be topic areas including:

Natural Systems – a look at the tallgrass ecosystem and how it creates conditions for tourism, ranching and agricultural economies.

The Summer Summit of Issues of the Flint Hills will discuss topic areas like natural systems, farming and ranching, social systems, cultural systems, opportunity and economics, mobility and transportation, and built environment.

Cultural Systems – a look at the unique heritage, arts and community gatherings that make the Flint Hills a special place to visit, live and work.

Social Systems – how do we support and maintain the health, education and well-being of families and friends that are key to a vibrant future for the Flint Hills.

Farming & Ranching – how can the Flint Hills adapt practices to changing market and ecological conditions and still keep up the good work that keeps the country fed?

Opportunity and Economics – creating and discovering the meaningful jobs, relationships and places that allow the Flint Hills and its population to prosper.

Mobility and Transportation – getting around in a geographic region that is not without its challenges. How do we get from Point A to Point B and all the places that connect the Flint Hills to the rest of the world?

Built Environment – how can the state and the region build the infrastructure that is needed to maintain the quality of life, economy and natural environment of the region.

Attendees of the Wednesday summit will be looking at ways to tackle the major ideas, goals and strategies that will spell success in each of the issue areas.

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