House Approves 10-acre Rule Amendment

The 10-acre rule provision of the Farm Bill will be suspended for the next two years.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday passed an amendment to the Farm Bill that would suspend the 10-acre provisions for the next two years. The USDA informed producers they would not be allowed to aggregate acreages in order to establish total farm base acres to exceed the 10-acre limitation, despite Congress including clear language within the farm bill allowing aggregation.

The amendment was introduced last week by House Agriculture Chairman Colin Peterson, D-Minn., and was approved by the committee Thursday night.

"USDA's interpretation of the 10-acre provision was in direct contrast to what Congress intended in the 2008 Farm Bill," National Farmers Union President Tom Buis said. "This move is necessary to ensure those who qualify to participate in farm programs are allowed to do so."

Similar legislation is being introduced in the Senate by a group of senators from both sides of the isle.

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