House Committee Consolidation Proposed

House Committee Consolidation Proposed

Washington Congressman suggests Natural Resources and Energy-Commerce merge.

In a letter to his fellow Republicans, Representative Doc Hastings, R-Wash., has proposed combining the House Natural Resources Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee into an Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He wrote: it advances our Republican all-of-the-above approach to energy; and it levels the power of Committees and creates more opportunities for more Members.

Hastings pointed out that this proposal would marry together our nation's broad energy policy with the vast majority of America's actual energy resources that are on our federal lands and offshore.

Currently, the Natural Resources Committee currently oversees all energy development on federal lands and offshore: oil, natural gas hydropower, wind, solar, coal, geothermal, uranium, minerals.  The Commerce Committee currently oversees the Department of Energy and general energy policy as it relates to oil, natural gas, nuclear, renewable, etc. 

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