ICM Will Defend Customers Against Patent Lawsuits

GSCleanTech, GreenShift claim patent infringement.

ICM, Inc., based in Colwich, has announced today that it will defend two of its customers against in lawsuits filed Feb. 12 in Indiana and Illinois by GS CleanTech Corp.


The suits allege that an oil recovery system manufactured and installed by ICM at Cardinal Ethanol in Indiana and Big River Resources  in Illinois infringes on a patent claimed by GS CleanTech.


ICM vice president of marketing Chris Mitchell said ICM filed its own litigation against GS CleanTech and its affiliate, GreenShift Corp. in Oct. of 2009.


"ICM believes that GS Clean Tech's alleged patent claims will be proved to be invalid," Mitchell said.


He said ICM's lawsuit asserts that GS CleanTech/GreenShift, misrepresented the liability of ICM's customers for operating the ICM system and that various actions of the companies constitute unfair competition and wrongful interference with ICM's existing and prospective business and contractual relationships.


Meawhile, both Cardinal and Big River plan to continue to operate their ICM equipment and have directed any further inquiries to ICM.


ICM, established in 1995, is one of the nation's leading designers of ethanol plant technology and offers more than 100 products and services tailored to make biofuels production more efficient and more profitable.

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