Integrated Electronics Keep Tabs on Harvest Operations

GPS, RFID makes tracking harvesters, transport vehicles and harvest efficiency feasible.

Overall harvest operation efficiency can get a big boost from new technology just introduced by Intelleflex and Minds, Inc. in their wireless telematic system for agriculture.

By integrating GPS information from harvesters, and radio frequency identification (RFID) input from modules on transport vehicles, managers can monitor an overall harvest operation from harvester efficiency to logistic efficiency of on-the-go loading and unloading of "field to storage" vehicles.

Pierre Vidaillac, president of Minds, Inc., says, "In the crunch of harvest time, people are focused on the task at hand, and not tracking, recording … operational data. Leveraging our success with Intelleflex in tracking hot mix asphalt for the road construction industry, we were able to develop a solution that is specifically designed to track the harvesting of crops in the field."

"While GPS provided exact location-finding capabilities for the harvester, it did not by itself deliver a cost effective, event-driven solution to track the arrival and departure of transport vehicles at the harvester," says Intelleflex's Sam Liu. "By adding our RFID to the solution mix, we fill that need and deliver significant incremental value."

More information on this management tool is available at

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