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The Friday Five: Exposure Edition

The Friday Five: Exposure Edition

Landlords, GMO nonsense, Consumer Reports, farm liability and more: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

Harvest is rolling, rolling, rolling, across much of the Midwest. Rains fell, spotty in some locations and downpours in others but for everyone, a chance to catch up and be ready to go again. Wishing you all a safe harvest…and some good reads.

Could This Be Your Landlord? My colleague, Lon Tonneson, published a piece last month in the Dakota Farmer that said, without mincing words, "Landlords, you need to lower the cash rent for 2015." In bold. Lon blogs here about the call he got when the magazine hit mailboxes.

What's a GMO? I died a little bit inside, just watching this. Jimmy Kimmel sends a camera crew out on the streets to ask people about GMOs. I have to believe that on the whole, people really know better than this. Right? Please?

A New Wave of Activism: Emily Meredith of the Animal Ag Alliance writes eloquently about why Dr. Oz and the Food Babe can't be ignored. My takeaway is that we can't continue treating people as if they're uneducated. I've really learned to dislike the phrase, "we have to educate the public about agriculture!" The answer is in connecting with them emotionally and inviting them in to what we do.

Dr. Oz and Consumer Reports: Do you subscribe to Consumer Reports? If so, you'll need to take a look at this verified link between CR and Dr. Oz. Perhaps you caught that in August, Consumer Reports advised readers to avoid soy milk unless it was certified organic or GMO-free. Something to think about if you're paying for their subscriptions.

Feeling Exposed: Farm Liability, Part One and Part Two: Farm Futures editor Mike Wilson shares some sobering realities and scenarios regarding what you might be liable for. And sued for. It's worth a read.

And a sixth, because it's National 4-H Week!

Holding 4-H Accountable for America's Youth: In the vein of her wildly popular FFA blog, my Missouri colleague Mindy Ward shares why 4-H is to blame for America's youth. Good stuff. 

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