Iowa Ethanol Plant Buys ICM Process Controls System

Iowa Ethanol Plant Buys ICM Process Controls System

ICM will add advanced hardware, software system to improve efficiency of existing plant.

Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy has purchased an Advanced Process Controls system to be installed and commissioned at its 110-million-gallons-per-year ethanol plant in Council Bluffs from ICM Inc.

The plant in Council Bluffs was originally designed and built by ICM. It began producing ethanol in February of 2009.

ICM's Advanced Process Controls package is an advanced hardware and software integrated system designed to bring a plant to maximum efficiency by eliminating variability in operational parameters in critical areas such as slurry solids, water balance, beer column evaporators, molecular sieves, dryers, fermentation and stillage/centrifuges.

Iowa Ethanol Plant Buys ICM Process Controls System

The benefits provided by apply the system include increased profitability, improved operations, and enhanced visibility of key performance indicators, which provide the ability to track process performance and long-term sustainability through ongoing performance, monitoring and reporting.

The ICM APC package includes software support provided by Honeywell International.

"We are thrilled to continue working with Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy as we embark upon installing the full plant APC system at its Council Bluffs facility," said ICM President Chris Mitchell. "We are especially proud to support SIRE's efforts by providing value-added opportunities such as deploying the APC system to improve the plant performance, increase plant production and decrease energy use."

SIRE general manager and CEO Brian Cahill said the company is excited to be adding the ICM APC system to its process and looking forward to continued improvements in efficiency and performance at the plant.

ICM, Inc., headquartered in Colwich, was established in 1995. It supplies innovative technologies and services to sustain agriculture and advanced renewable energy, including food and feed technologies that will increase the world's supply of protein.

ICM provides propriety process technology to 102 ethanol plants with a combined capacity of about 6.8 billion gallons of annual production. It also is a world leader in biorefining technology and offers a comprehensive line of more than 100 products and services tailored to make biofuels production more efficient and more profitable.

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