Iowa State Report Favorable to Ethanol Production

Iowa State Report Favorable to Ethanol Production

Ethanol will get cleaner and greener.

In a report released by Don Hofstrand, the Iowa State University professor says that ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 54% compared to conventional gasoline. Hofstrand believes continued innovation in the ethanol industry will only make ethanol cleaner and greener, further reducing emissions. Looking ahead, Hofstrand says breakthrough technologies in both farming and ethanol production promise higher corn yields with less use of fertilizer, and more energy efficient biorefineries with lower emissions.


In response to the report, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis said the study sustains the point that ethanol is the only low-carbon alternative to gasoline available today for fueling cars and trucks.


"Ethanol reduces greenhouse emissions and at the same time helps create jobs and makes this country more energy independent," Buis said. "And as policymakers work on climate change legislation, Growth Energy will continue to make the case that low-carbon ethanol represents our best alternative to foreign oil."

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