It All Flows Downstream

It All Flows Downstream

K-State researcher says 20 years of study show what happens in headwaters has major impact on quality of water in streams and rivers.

Kansas State University professor Walter Dodds is providing Kansans with a better understanding of how human activity affects water quality.

Dodds, university distinguished professor of biology, has devoted more than 20 years to researching water quality in Kansas biological communities.

Through his research on stream and river ecosystems Dodds has discovered an important quality of streams: What happens in the headwater streams greatly influences water quality downstream, meaning that water quality improvement efforts should focus on smaller streams.

Most of his research focuses on Kansas streams, including streams on the Konza Prairie Biological Station just south of Manhattan.

“We've created an idea of what baseline conditions of water quality issues are in the state," Dodds said. "We know this region is capable of very good water quality."

Watch for your February Kansas Farmer for more details on Dodds’ work and conclusions.

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