It's Baby Calf Time

It's Baby Calf Time

Videos offer producers tips on assisting birth to help cows, save more calves.

Many people are either starting to calve beef heifers or will be in the next couple of weeks. The cows won't be much later than that.

Barton County extension agent Rick Snell reminds producers that one way to make more money is to save more calves at birth.

His office has two video tapes to check out in regard to calving time. Both are by Dr. Bob Mortimer, Colorado State University Veterinarian. 

They are entitled "How to Save More Calves at Calving." The second one is simply Part 2. Producers can check them out for a $5 deposit per tape which you get back in a few days when you bring the tapes back.

Each tape is a step-by-step look at the Dutch method of assisting birth and how to correct common abnormal births. Dr. Mortimer helps you better understand the delivery process using live animal demonstrations.  You'll see why cows need to lie down during calving; how to rotate the calf to prevent hip lock; and how to apply the correct direction of pull and how hard to pull.

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