JCB Offers 'All American' Skid Steer Loader Lineup

JCB Offers 'All American' Skid Steer Loader Lineup

New Generation loaders start at rated operating capacity of 2,600 pounds.

Worldwide heavy equipment builder JCB has announced a new seven-member line of New Generation skid steer loaders that will soon be joined with 11 more models. All will be designed and built in Savannah, Ga.

The announced machines, now available, start at 2,600 pounds of vertical lift with the 260 model and include the 280, 300 and 330 wheeled skid steers, along with the 260T, 300T and 320T tracked models. When the model line is complete JCB will offer loaders from 1,300 pounds to 3,500 pounds rated for radial and vertical lift.

The new machines share several features including:

JCB is launching seven new "designed-and-built-in-North America" skid steer loaders, including three track models and four wheeled models in a lineup that is destined to grow to 18 models.

* A tilting cab with increased service access.
* Multifunction joysticks.
* A hydraulic quick hitch.
* Isolated cab that is insulated and pressurized for better driver comfort.
* Heated air-suspension seat with adjustable arm rests.
* O-ring seals for all hydraulic connections.
* A new range of more than 30 JCB attachments.

The New Generation line also features JCB's "PowerBoom" design which uses a single arm, rather than the conventional two-arm skid steer design. Also the new models do not use a torque tube across the back of the machine adding visibility for the driver. Also, the mesh screen has been deleted on cab machines in favor of laminated safety glass.

For more information on the JCB lineup, visit

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