Jobs Spending Questioned by Senator

Jobs Spending Questioned by Senator

Grassley wants inquiry into oversight of stimulus spending.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is asking the Department of Labor to account for the way federal tax dollars are being spent on clean energy jobs through the 2009 economic stimulus bill. The stimulus package included $80 billion for clean energy jobs, yet according to Grassley, the apparent imprecision surrounding eligibility for the money might have led to spending on other items.

Grassley says if the criteria were too broad or poorly defined, the money might be going for other kinds of spending. This inquiry is a measure of oversight to make sure the money is spent the way supporters of legislation said it would be spent.

Grassley earlier asked the Office of Management and Budget to describe oversight measures for all stimulus spending.  He also sought an accounting of how many stimulus dollars are used to purchase products made overseas, especially in countries that might not afford fair market access to U.S. products, after reports that stimulus money might go to wind energy turbines made in China.

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