Johnson Stresses Importance of Energy Legislation

Johnson Stresses Importance of Energy Legislation

NFU president urges Congress to address national energy policy.

Earlier this week President Obama met with Senators to express the need to pass energy and climate legislation this year. On Thursday National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson was part of a panel on ag's role in climate and energy policy at the 25x'25 Summit. He highlighted the economic gain that awaits agriculture if a comprehensive climate and energy bill is established and elaborated on how agriculture can be part of the solution to the country's climate and energy problems.
Johnson said NFU supports the 25x'25 coalition's vision for renewable energy that's focused on America's farms, ranches and forests providing 25% of the total energy consumed in the U.S. by 2025. The group also supports a balanced energy policy that seeks energy independence for the U.S. while protecting the environment and recognizing the special energy needs of the ag sector. Johnson said NFU urges members of Congress to address the importance of creating a national energy policy that realizes the potential energy contributions from America's family farms and ranches.

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