Just How Much Snow Can Kansas Get?

From 0 to 40 inches is the norm. This year is somewhere in between.

With winter still stretching on for several more weeks and with it, the prospect of even more snow, some Kansans might be wondering just how much snow can Kansas get?

"Snowfall in Kansas can vary quite a bit, not only from location to location, but year to year," says State of Kansas climatologist Mary Knapp. "The average annual snowfall in Kansas is 19 inches. It ranges from 11 inches a year in Parsons to over 40 inches a year in Goodland."

Knapp, who runs the Kansas Weather Data Library based in Kansas State
University Research and Extension, says the greatest 24-hour snowfall recorded in Kansas was on October 26, 1997 when Norcatur received 24 inches. St. Francis holds the record for a single season with 99 inches during 1983-84.

On the other side of the scale, many stations have years with no snow at all. Even Goodland has had years of little snowfall, Knapp says. During 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, Goodland saw less than an inch of
snow each of those years.

"In contrast, on the national scene, Mount Baker Ski Area, near Seattle, set the U.S. record in the 1998-99 season with 1,140 inches. That´s a lot of snow," Knapp adds.

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