Justice Department Looking at Big Ag Businesses

Justice Department Looking at Big Ag Businesses

Monsanto is among companies being scrutinized under anti-monopoly laws.

The Obama administration has tossed out the antitrust guidelines of its predecessor and has asked the U.S. Justice Department to take a close look at big agriculture firms like Monsanto. During the Bush administration, the Justice Department did not file a single case under anti-monopoly laws regulating a dominant firm. But, now Justice wants to see if Monsanto's pricing policies of its technologies are justified.


Monsanto's dominant role in the nation's agricultural technology boom has its detractors. Farmers have decried the price increases, and competitors say the company has ruthlessly stifled competition.


Monsanto says it has done nothing wrong. In a statement the company says that farmers choose these products because of the value they deliver on farm. The statement continues that given the phenomenally broad adoption of these technologies by farmers, such questions are normal and to be expected.

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