Kansas Is Conducting Forest Assessment

Kansas Is Conducting Forest Assessment

Since most forest lands are in private hands, public comment on new strategy for identifying and preserving forests is being sought.

Increased pressures on the health of forests from pests, diseases and non-native species as well as a rapid increase in the conversion of forest and agroforestry lands to non-forest uses caused the Kansas Forest Service to take a new approach to identify forest areas at risk.

This approach has been titled the Kansas Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy and the Forest Service is seeking public comment because 95 percent of Kansas forests are privately owned with 65 percent of the holdings occurring in 10-acre patches or less. June 4 is the deadline for public submission of comments.

The Assessment and Strategy will guide the forest service in planning, operations and grant applications. In addition, Kansas will be assessing areas that can be identified for the federal Forest Legacy program, a voluntary federal program administered by USDA Forest Service that protects private forestland by purchasing development rights through conservation easements.

The Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy can be reviewed on the Web at http://www.kansasforests.org/assessment.shtml, or a paper copy can be provided by contacting the Kansas Forest Service at 785-532-3310 or Bob Atchison by e­mail at [email protected]. 

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