Kansas Livestock Association Convention To Take Up Timely Issues

Kansas Livestock Association Convention To Take Up Timely Issues

Livestock producers to convene in Wichita; battling disease, formulating policy is on agenda.

New regulations to control trichomoniasis, conserving water in the arid western part of the state and potential changes to the state's corporate farming laws are just a few of the topics that will be front and center Wednesday through Friday as the Kansas Livestock Association convenes for its annual meeting in Wichita.

The Kansas Commissioner of Livestock this year announced new rules regarding the sale and movement of bulls in the state to combat the spread of trichomonaisis and outlined new regulations for testing cattle. KLA members will get an update on the program during the convention.

During the convention, KLA members will get an update on the new rules on sale and movement of bulls and new regulations for testing cattle to prevent the spread of trichomoniasis.

Another resolution to be considered during the convention relates to bovine viral diarrhea, a costly virus that is spread by persistently infected cattle. KLA members will discuss the possible identification of cattle that test positive for BVD.

During the convention, members will also talk about making changes to existing KLA policy that will serve as input from the organization of the formulation of a 50-year-water plan sought by Gov. Sam Brownback.

Focusing on herd rebuilding

Beef Industry University, an annual educational effort of the convention, will focus on herd rebuilding as the persistent, severe drought that hit much of Kansas in 2011 and the entire state in 2012, begins to ease in the eastern and central regions of Kansas.

Cattle Fax executive vice president Randy Blach will talk about cattle market trends and make a beef demand forecast.

Third-generation logger Bruce Vincent from Libby, Mont. will open the convention program with a discussion of what farmers and ranchers need to be doning now to prevent environmental and animal rights activists from severely restricting food production in the United States.

Vincent believes that animal agriculture is high on the list of new targets for activisits and that the only way to successfully combat their efforts is being more and more involved in the public policy arena.

All Kansas livestock producers are welcome to attend the annual convention. A complete schedule and registration form can be found at the KLA website.

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